Bikini Barbershop Jersey (2012)
tv shows - reality-tv
3.5/10 (5 vote)
I do not expect a lot of you to agree, but this show could be the best show on TV. It is absolutely ridiculous. The lead guy (owner of the shop) Jeff is probably the funniest guy on television. All he does is argue with his employees, hits on everything that moves, and says really off the wall stuff that is usually in a sexual reference. Brilliant is all I can say. There are also girls in bikinis. How can you beat that? There is the nagging one that is always fighting with Jeff. Entertaining to a point and she is attractive. There is Laura which is the only one with a good head on her shoulders (and she does have some shoulders). There is Kim, that I don't even know why she is there. Then there is Alissa.Again this show is not rocket science. The arguments are great...

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