Lets Paint TV (2001)
tv shows - comedy
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Cable Access Televisions exciting new program on how to paint is not only educational, it's also a high octane gabfest. Hosted by renowned Los Angeles artist and performer John Kilduff, "Lets Paint TV" encourages the viewer not to be afraid to, as Kilduff likes to say, "throw down the paint!"

The artist's devil-may-care attitude is instrumental in helping viewers conquer the primary stumbling block that prevents most people from expressing themselves on canvas, the fear of making mistakes. Kilduff got that one figured out: "Making mistakes is part of the fun! Ole!"

Join Kilduff as he takes you through the entire process of creating still-lifes, landscapes, and portraits.

In "Lets Paint TV" Kilduff also leavens his lessons with light hearted banter. It is sort of like the show Emeril Lagasse might do if he were a painter. Emphasize "sort of" here.

This is the link to "Let's Paint TV Youtube Channel" While I'm at it here's the Myspace as well.

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