Gallery Girls (2012)
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Gallery Girls: Viewers are introduced to seven young women who dream of living a chic and fashionable existence in New York City. Chantal Chadwick, Kerri Lisa, Liz Margulies, Claudia Martinez, Angela Pham, Amy Poliakoff and Maggie Schaffer all share a passion for art, but are divided amongst their Manhattan and Brooklyn lifestyles with vastly different attitudes and tastes towards fashion, art and men.

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episode 1x1 (5 links)
episode 1x2 (5 links)
episode 1x3 (6 links)
episode 1x4 (5 links)
episode 1x5 (6 links)
episode 1x6 (5 links)
episode 1x7 (2 links)

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