Hairy Bikers (2011)
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Hairy Bikers: Description : Paul Patranella is a four-star, classically trained French chef. He’s also a hairy biker. His longtime friend, Bill Allen, is a renowned motorcycle mechanic with a passion for food. Together, they believe that food is the ticket to the American experience and motorcycles are the only way to get there. So they embark on a road trip through the country’s back roads, immersing themselves in local American history and long-standing traditions. In addition to cooking and eating with locals they meet along the way, Patranella and Allen do everything it takes to get the meal on the table — from spearing bullfrogs to cleaning roadkill and tracking down wild boars. While on the open road, the guys camp, stop at roadside attractions and attend local biker events — all to achieve their goal of experiencing firsthand why eating and biking are two of America’s favorite pastimes.

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