Harry's Arctic Heroes (2011)
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2x60mins Adventure Series for BBC1 New series following the first successful unsupported expedition to the Geographic North Pole by UK wounded servicemen and their patron Prince Harry. The short series charts the training and preparation needed to face one of the harshest environments on the planet. And then follows the team all the way to the pole, providing unique and intimate access to both the 4 wounded Afghanistan veterans and the 3rd in line to the British Throne, Prince Harry. Between them the 4 soldiers have lost an arm and a leg, have a paralysed arm and a broken back. They have had 32 operations to patch them up and years of rehabilitation to get them fit and strong enough to take on the Arctic circle. This is a true story of determination, courage and defiance against all the odds. The series tells their story with candour and openness, revealing both the extreme hardship faced by these military men but also the humour and good nature needed to conquer both their own injuries but also the North Pole. It also gained a unique and never before seen access to a senior British Royal, spending time "hanging out" with him and filming him in informal and relaxed settings. This is a one off, candid story and unique series, commissioned for a BBC1 primetime slot, with a music score from Hans Zimmer's Studios.

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