Blackgoat (2011)
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Blackgoat: Blackgoat (69min) is essentially a second film packaged with the blu-ray (though not in HD) that displays the twisted work of genius and chaotic creation that is the result of Brock’s journey. In addition to that, there are several video loops from the Perry Rubinstein installation, allowing you a glimpse of what the exhbiti must have felt like. The final and maybe the most insightful extra is a 16 minute candid conversation (shot in glorious HD) between artist Robert Longo and Brock Enright discussing both Blackgoat and Brock Enright: Good Times Will never Be The Same. It’s an interesting examination of both the art of Brock, the problems artists face and their perspective on the documentary. The one feature I would have loved to see would have been a director’s commentary between Brock and Jody because it definitely would be interesting to see two different artists examine each other’s work

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