Bethenny Ever After (2010)
aka: Bethenny Getting Married?
tv shows - reality
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Between motherhood, marriage and building her 'Skinny Girl' empire, Bethenny finds her life is in the fast lane - and moving at warp speed. Watch as she continues to grow her business and venture out into new areas, all while juggling motherhood and marriage. When things get stressful, Bethenny manages to handle it all with her entertaining wit and biting humor.

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season 2

episode 2x1 (1 link)
episode 2x2 (1 link)
episode 2x3 (1 link)
episode 2x4 (1 link)
episode 2x5 (1 link)
episode 2x6 (1 link)
episode 2x7 (1 link)
episode 2x8 (1 link)
episode 2x9 (1 link)
episode 2x10 (1 link)
episode 2x11 (1 link)

season 3

episode 3x1 (3 links)
episode 3x2 (12 links)
episode 3x3 (9 links)
episode 3x4 (8 links)
episode 3x5 (10 links)
episode 3x6 (8 links)
episode 3x7 (10 links)
episode 3x8 (8 links)
episode 3x9 (6 links)
episode 3x10 (8 links)
episode 3x11 (11 links)
episode 3x12 (11 links)
episode 3x13 (9 links)
episode 3x14 (9 links)
episode 3x15 (6 links)

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