Friday Night Dinner (2011)
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Every Friday night, twenty-something brothers Adam (Bird) and Jonny (Rosenthal) Goodman return to their parents' home for dinner.

Adam and Jonny think of the weekly event as a necessary annoyance - necessary because they get fed, and annoying because, well, they have to spend the evening with Mum and Dad. It's not that Mum and Dad aren't wonderful. They really are. But Dad slugs ketchup straight from the bottle, Mum is obsessed with Masterchef and even Grandma likes to wear her new bikini around the house.

As for the next generation, there is much consternation that Jonny's girlfriend, Alison, is nothing less than 'made-up' and not even the Internet can sort out a "female" for Adam. Maybe this is because Adam writes jingles for toilet roll adverts, and Jonny's favourite party trick is to jump out of bin-liners onto unsuspecting victims. Of course every family has its foibles, its rituals and its eccentricities. It's just that the Goodmans have made something of an art form of theirs.

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