Bar Karma (2010)
aka: TV You Control: Bar Karma
tv shows - comedy / drama / sci-fi
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Bar Karma is the first online community-developed/crowd sourced network television series. Online users pitch their own ideas for scenes and twists online. Some are eventually chosen by the production staff, and are utilized to help create a new episode every week.
The main plot revolves around a bar known as "Bar Karma", a bar that resides someplace in between parallel timelines. Up until now, the typical structure of the shows consists of a patron accidentally walking into or being transported to the bar, where they are shown the consequences of their current life actions, and the potential outcomes for their behavior and choices. This, ultimately, leads to a karmic dilemma, and forces the patron to make a life-altering choice.
Bar Karma is a mystical watering hole at the edge of the universe. Your karma has found you-- it's a bar. The series is a twist upon Doctor Who's Tardis in a single location with the 'next universe' spinning off from the event which spawns it.

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