DCI Banks: Aftermath (2010)
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DCI Banks: Aftermath is based on the successful detective novel written by crime writer Peter Robinson. The series stars Stephen Tompkinson as DCI Banks. Two young policemen are sent to a house following a report of a domestic disturbance and they end up discovering a horrific scene. DCI Alan Banks ends up being pushed to the absolute limits in the case after the identity of a serial killer has finally been revealed. His capture though is only the beginning of a shocking investigation.

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season 4

episode 4x1 (1 link)
episode 4x2 (4 links)
episode 4x3 (2 links)
episode 4x4 (2 links)
episode 4x5 (4 links)
episode 4x6 (2 links)

season 5

episode 5x1 (1 link)
episode 5x2 (2 links)
episode 5x3 (3 links)
episode 5x5 (1 link)
episode 5x6 (1 link)

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