Destroyed in Seconds (2008)
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A series which features a look at buildings, structures and other items which are destroyed by disaster. Can't get enough of the awesome spectacle of destruction? Well you're not alone. Few can ever get their fill of the mesmerizing power of savage forces wreaking havoc and devastation. In each episode of "Destroyed in Seconds", our host, Ron Pitts, will bring you clip after clip of the most shocking destructions captured on film. From well-orchestrated implosions of massive structures, to rampaging tornadoes, catastrophic mid-air collisions and sudden terrorist attacks, no topic is too trivial or taboo for our show. Be they acts of nature or caused by man, this is much more than just a clip show. "Destroyed in Seconds" is not meant to just shock and entertain, but to explore the causes of mass destruction and how, when possible, families and communities bounce back from devastation. Don't miss a moment as Ron explores the cause and effect of catastrophe caught on tape!

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