Living with Fran (2005)
aka: Robbing the Cradle
aka: Shacking Up
aka: So Wrong
tv shows - comedy
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Fran Reeves, a frantic Jewish divorcée, fell madly in love with Riley Douglas Martin, a lovely, hunky contractor half her age, who moves in with her and her nasty ex Ted's two adolescent children, Joshua 'Josh', a timid med school drop-out, and Allison, a bitchy high-school girl. They all have a hard enough time finding out where they fit in this reconstituted, unofficial household, not an actual family, and things are even worsened whenever outsiders wonder or ignore how it all works, given the shifted generations, Riley being barely older then his 'step-kids', actually an ideal big brother if only he were a sibling rather then the provider. Alliances and antagonisms shift, but ultimately true love triumphs and things work out.

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