Lopez Tonight (2009)
tv shows - talk-show / comedy / musical
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The late-night landscape is about to shift...into all-out part mode that is.

George Lopez, comedian and star of the George Lopez Show, headlines this new entry for the channel's that's "very funny", TBS. Promising to bring the excitement back to late night with an outdoor, street party atmosphere and high-energy crowd. The fun will include a mix of celebrity guests, live music and sketches starring your very own host. Peppered with George's ever present flair and lovable personality the series will change what you think a talk show should be.

While high-energy, Lopez's new series will feature a more casual approach to the button down world of talk. Encouraging guests and musical acts to interact with the crowd and vice versa. Members of the audience will also be in on the fun as they'll have a chance to ask questions and participate in the show.

George Lopez: "If change can come to the White House, then change can come to late night. Yes I can."

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