Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040 (1998)
aka: バブルガムクライシス TOKYO 2040
aka: Baburugamu Kuraishisu TOKYO 2040
tv shows - action / anime / sci-fi
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Set in 2039-2040, This series is set in Megalo City, a city built over the ruins of Tokyo. Boomers, a line of android workers created by the Genom Corporation, perform dozens of tasks, from cleaning to management, to heavy industry. However, a strange series of events has caused a great deal of these boomers to go rogue, despite government and corporation cover-ups to the contrary. The AD Police, a special anti-Boomer task-force, performs it's best to stop the maniacal machines. However, always a step ahead of them are the mysterious vigilantes known only to the public as the Knight Sabers. No one is sure who these warriors are, but a young office lady named Lina Yamazaki is intent on finding out and joining them.
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