2DTV (2001)
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2DTV was a British satirical animated television show that was broadcast on ITV in the United Kingdom, directed by Tim Searle. It employed the same satirical style as Spitting Image, but using animation rather than puppets. The animation was frequently produced up to and including the day of broadcast, using the animation software CelAction 2D. Producer Giles Pilbrow was a veteran of Spitting Image, as were some of the voice artists.

The banned advert
In late 2002, a commercial for the Video and DVD compilation The Best of 2DTV was banned by the BACC. The commercial depicted George W. Bush taking the video out of its case and putting it in a toaster. Ofcom stated that advertisements for products cannot appear to be endorsed by someone without their permission - in this case George W. Bush. The original advert was reworked into a sketch in which Bush writes a letter complaining about his portrayal in the media as a moron, then "posts" the letter in a toaster.
The programme-makers then proposed a commercial satirising Osama Bin Laden, and were informed that this would also be banned on the grounds that Bin Laden would have to give permission for his image to be used. The banning was later overturned on the grounds that the commercial was legitimate satire, and the commercial was shown unedited. The programme-makers claimed that the controversy had generated more interest in the show than the adverts could ever have done alone.

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