Life with Derek (2005)
tv shows - comedy
6.57/10 (14 vote)
Casey and Derek both had great lives before they met each other, as well as single parents. When Casey's mom, Nora, meets Derek's dad, George, they date, and ultimately marry each other, causing Casey to have to move into Derek's house, losing her friends and old school. Now, Casey and her sister, Lizzie, must deal with a new house, a new school, two new step brothers, Edwin and Derek, a new step sister, Marti, and a new step father, George.
Casey, at first, feels angry at her mom's decision, and hates the fact that she must share a room with Lizzie, with almost no space, and her having no say-in on what the family does, since it's still not really her house. But Casey soon grows accustom to her new house, but still can't stand Derek, her obnoxious, egotistic new step brother, whom, like Casey, is also the eldest of their siblings, which causes a reoccurring conflict between the two, who are used to bossing around their siblings.
Since the beginning, Casey has made a good friend, Emily,is going out with max, the football's team quaterback . Casey is really fitting in and starting to enjoy her new life, but she may never get used to Derek.

Theme Song:

It used to be my mother and my sister and me,
a happy little family, and alright with me. When mom
got married, that's when everything changed. Some
things were lost, and others were gained.
A new school, a new house, so many changes it makes my head
spin. Now I've got a brother who gets under my skin.
This is life with Derek
This is life with Derek
This is life with Lizzie, Edwin, Nora,George, Marti, and Casey.
Life with Derek
Livin' life with Derek.

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