The Fixer (2008)
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The Fixer is a crime drama set in modern day Britain. It follows the life of John Mercer (Andrew Buchan) an ex-British special forces soldier arrested by police after he killed his aunt and uncle following his discharge from the military. He is awarded early release from prison on condition he serve in a covert police squad as a government-backed assassin responsible for eliminating criminals and renegade police officers that the law cannot apprehend.
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season 1

episode 1x1 (16 links)
episode 1x2 (11 links)
episode 1x3 (18 links)
episode 1x4 (15 links)
episode 1x5 (10 links)
episode 1x6 (12 links)

season 2

episode 2x1 (8 links)
episode 2x2 (7 links)
episode 2x3 (1 link)
episode 2x4 (7 links)
episode 2x5 (7 links)
episode 2x6 (9 links)

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