Masters of Illusion (2014)
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Masters of Illusion: In this television series, the world's greatest magicians and illusionists perform magic in front of a live studio audience. There are no camera or computer tricks involved and you'll see tricks such as women turning into tigers, birds appearing from nowhere and sleight of hands in the blink of an eye! From one amazing trick to another, the performances are shown to you non-stop in a spectacular show filled with reality-twisting, mind-blowing magic.

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season 1

episode 1x2 (1 link)
episode 1x4 (1 link)
episode 1x8 (1 link)
episode 1x10 (1 link)

season 2

episode 2x1 (4 links)
episode 2x2 (5 links)
episode 2x3 (5 links)
episode 2x4 (5 links)
episode 2x5 (5 links)
episode 2x6 (6 links)
episode 2x7 (5 links)
episode 2x8 (7 links)
episode 2x9 (5 links)
episode 2x10 (6 links)
episode 2x11 (8 links)
episode 2x13 (1 link)

season 3

episode 3x1 (4 links)
episode 3x2 (4 links)
episode 3x3 (5 links)
episode 3x4 (5 links)
episode 3x7 (1 link)
episode 3x10 (1 link)

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