Knights of the Zodiac (1986)
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Knights of the Zodiac: Seiya is an orphan child that was sent to the Sanctuary of Athena in Greece, where he underwent training to become one of the Saints of Athena. Years later, after gaining possession of the Pegasus Cloth, a mythical armor protected by said constellation, he returns to Japan and meets up with Saori Kido. Kido is the granddaughter of the late Mitsumasa Kido, the man that sent Seiya to Greece, separating him from his sister Seika. Seiya intends to find his sister who disappeared the day he left, but Saori makes a deal with him: if he competes in the Galaxian Wars and wins, she'll help him find Seika. The Galaxian Wars is a tournament organized by the Kido Fundation, in which the Bronze...

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season 1

episode 1x103 (1 link)
episode 1x104 (1 link)
episode 1x105 (1 link)
episode 1x106 (1 link)
episode 1x109 (1 link)
episode 1x112 (1 link)
episode 1x113 (1 link)
episode 1x114 (1 link)

season 2

episode 2x8 (2 links)
episode 2x10 (2 links)

season 3

episode 3x14 (1 link)
episode 3x15 (3 links)
episode 3x17 (1 link)
episode 3x18 (1 link)
episode 3x19 (1 link)
episode 3x26 (1 link)

season 4

episode 4x1 (1 link)
episode 4x2 (1 link)
episode 4x19 (1 link)
episode 4x21 (1 link)
episode 4x24 (1 link)
episode 4x33 (1 link)
episode 4x34 (1 link)
episode 4x35 (1 link)
episode 4x39 (1 link)
episode 4x40 (1 link)
episode 4x60 (2 links)
episode 4x61 (1 link)
episode 4x62 (2 links)
episode 4x64 (1 link)
episode 4x66 (2 links)
episode 4x74 (2 links)
episode 4x75 (2 links)
episode 4x76 (2 links)
episode 4x77 (2 links)
episode 4x78 (3 links)

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