Deadly 60 (2009)
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Deadly 60: A lightly presented nature documentary series. In each season, adventurous British zoologist Steve Backshall travels around the world to select sixty of the most deadly and interesting animal species, from insects to giants, many predators, others just armed with deadly defensive means. Every episode yields three or more of them, with something in common, such as the geographical environment, or a mode of killing. A few extra episodes are dedicated to extras such as 'the making of'.

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season 1

episode 1x1 (1 link)
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season 2

episode 2x1 (1 link)
episode 2x2 (1 link)
episode 2x4 (1 link)
episode 2x6 (1 link)
episode 2x7 (1 link)
episode 2x12 (1 link)
episode 2x13 (1 link)
episode 2x15 (1 link)
episode 2x16 (1 link)
episode 2x18 (1 link)
episode 2x19 (1 link)
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