Aikatsu! (2012)
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Aikatsu!: The series revolves around a girl named Ichigo Hoshimiya who, along with her best friend Aoi Kiriya, enrolls in the Starlight Academy for budding idols. These idols utilise the Aikatsu system, in which idols select clothes to wear for their auditions using combinations of cards.

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episode 1x2 (1 link)
episode 1x3 (1 link)
episode 1x4 (1 link)
episode 1x5 (1 link)
episode 1x6 (1 link)
episode 1x14 (1 link)
episode 1x15 (3 links)
episode 1x16 (2 links)
episode 1x17 (1 link)
episode 1x18 (2 links)
episode 1x19 (3 links)
episode 1x20 (1 link)
episode 1x21 (2 links)
episode 1x22 (2 links)
episode 1x24 (3 links)
episode 1x25 (2 links)
episode 1x26 (1 link)
episode 1x31 (2 links)
episode 1x32 (2 links)
episode 1x34 (1 link)
episode 1x35 (2 links)
episode 1x37 (2 links)
episode 1x38 (1 link)
episode 1x41 (1 link)
episode 1x42 (1 link)
episode 1x43 (1 link)
episode 1x85 (4 links)
episode 1x88 (1 link)

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