Filthy Riches (2014)
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Filthy Riches: National Geographic Channel tromps into the wild with blue-collar pioneers who shirked conventional 9-to-5 careers to make their living in the deep rivers, soggy mudflats and wild backwoods of America. Filthy Riches travels the country with industrious Americans who prove they're not afraid to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty in order to make a living.

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season 1

episode 1x1 (12 links)
episode 1x2 (14 links)
episode 1x3 (15 links)
episode 1x4 (11 links)
episode 1x5 (8 links)
episode 1x6 (8 links)
episode 1x7 (8 links)
episode 1x8 (5 links)

season 2

episode 2x1 (12 links)
episode 2x2 (2 links)
episode 2x3 (9 links)
episode 2x4 (2 links)
episode 2x5 (1 link)
episode 2x6 (1 link)
episode 2x7 (3 links)
episode 2x8 (2 links)

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