Canada's Worst Driver (2005)
tv shows - documentary / comedy
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Watch Canada's Worst Driver: Nominated by friends and relatives who accompany them on their journey, eight Canadians are chosen each season of the series potentially to be named Canada's Worst Driver. The eight are sent to the Driver's Rehabilitation Centre where symbolically they are stripped of their car keys and/or driver's license. They are then subjected to a two-week session of driving challenges to test their driving skill and knowledge, each challenge first performed by the host, a self-professed average driver, to demonstrate that the challenge can be completed successfully. They are also provided assistance in improving their driving by a panel of experts. Each episode presents three challenges. Starting at...

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season 9

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season 10

episode 10x1 (2 links)
episode 10x2 (2 links)
episode 10x3 (2 links)
episode 10x4 (3 links)
episode 10x5 (3 links)
episode 10x6 (4 links)
episode 10x7 (3 links)

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