Elmo Saves Christmas (1996)
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Everyone on Sesame Street is cheerful (except Oscar the Grouch, of course) because it's Christmas Eve, but arguably no-one is more excited then red, furry little Elmo, who is determined to stay up tonight and meet Santa Claus. Big Bird is saddened that Snuffleupagus is going to Cinncinati to visit his grandmother for Christmas, but the mammoth assures him he'll be back the day after. Elmo does manage this year, but is surprised when Santa gets stuck in the chimney. Elmo pulls him out, and Claus is frustrated at Lightning, a fast-footed young reindeer who hopes to one day pull Santa's sleigh, hiding in his bag of toys, which made it so big it couldn't fit through the chimney. After scolding Lightning, Santa explains to Elmo that when he pulled him through the chimney, he saves Christmas and offers him a magic snow-globe which gives him three wishes (Elmo picked it over a pink bear). After wishing for a glass of water, Elmo wishes it would be Christmas every day. Suddenly, all the businesses are permanently closed for Christmas, gifts and trees (being sold by Grover) are selling like hot-cakes, and the elves are angry at having their vacation spoiled. Santa and Lightning hurry to Sesame Street, and Lightning uses his speed to take Elmo into the future so Santa can prove Christmas every day isn't all it's cracked up to be. The elves mess up from being too tired, the carollers lose their voices, the Easter Bunny becomes the Christmas Bunny, the Count gets tired of counting Christmases, and Big Bird can't see Snuffleupagus any more because he's in Cinncinati. Soon Elmo decides his last wish should set every thing straight.

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