Bet on Your Baby (2013)
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Watch Bet on Your Baby: Every parent thinks they know their baby well, but are they willing to bet on it? Bet On Your Baby will reveal the answer to that question each week in an hour-long program featuring five families with toddlers between the ages of two years old and three and a half years old. Each family will play a self-contained, individual challenge against the house - meaning they

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season 1

episode 1x1 (2 links)
episode 1x2 (2 links)
episode 1x3 (5 links)
episode 1x4 (4 links)
episode 1x5 (5 links)
episode 1x6 (9 links)
episode 1x7 (6 links)
episode 1x8 (4 links)

season 2

episode 2x1 (33 links)
episode 2x3 (4 links)
episode 2x4 (4 links)
episode 2x5 (30 links)
episode 2x6 (4 links)

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