Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee (2012)
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This web series is a true gem, and every episode follows the same format. Jerry Seinfeld is shown driving around in a different car every episode, from which he calls on a fellow comedian to go get coffee. Jerry and his guest are shown jabbering in the car and at the table of whichever diner they go to. This chit chat is the very heart of the show, and it gives you an idea of what comedians do during the day while touring. Just hanging around bouncing stories and ideas off of each other. The cars are interesting too, as Seinfeld chooses a car that he thinks will best fit the current guest. Some episodes are better than others (see Alec Baldwin), while others are just plain great (see Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks). The show is edited in such a way so that you get to occupy the coveted "fly on the wall" perspective. I enjoy being able to see Jerry Seinfeld come across as a average guy out with a buddy, and I think that it is a treat for the viewer to see him laugh so hard. Here is a guy that has made millions laugh, and we finally get to see what makes him laugh.
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season 6

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